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Add Suspenders To Your Wedding Style!


As always, we’re here to help couples perfect their wedding style through timeless suits, sharp accent colors, and high quality accessories. Our never ending quest for beautiful products makes us so thrilled to add JJ Suspenders to our catalog! Combining over 20 years of experience creating high quality clip and button suspenders, each JJ Suspender is handmade to be the perfect addition to your guys’ wedding style.

Because we are committed to making sure groomsmen and bridesmen look their best, here is a quick guide to the do’s and don’ts to wearing suspenders.

  1. NEVER wear suspenders with a belt. You don’t wear contact and prescription glasses at the same time, right? Belts and suspenders serve the same purpose, to keep your pants up. No need to double up!
  2. Vest or suspenders, but not both. Suspenders are a sharp accessory you want to show off which will not happen if you are wearing them with a vest.
  3. Proper placement is key. Suspenders should fall straight from your shoulders to your waist. If you see      / \  or  \ /     happening, readjust.
  4. Skinny suspenders are more casual. Wider are best for more formal events.
  5. Although not an absolute rule, clips tend to be more casual while buttons are best used in formal wear. If your pants don’t have buttons, they are easy for any tailor to add. The JJ Suspenders in our catalog come with a little sewing kit to add your own.

If you are looking to add a little something extra to your wedding style, suspenders are a fun and personal touch that will make your look memorable. Additionally, they make a great gift for your guys! For a complete guide on suspenders, you can check out JJ Suspenders Style Guide.

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