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Buy your tuxedo so you never have to rent again!

Written by Diana Ganz July 24, 2017

Summer wedding season is in full swing, and the holidays will be here before you know it! Which means you’re facing yet another year of asking yourself, “Should I rent or buy a tuxedo?”

It used to be pretty easy to answer. By simply asking yourself, “Do I have an extra $1,000 laying around to invest in a quality tuxedo?” The question was answered and you quickly picked up the phone to call your local rental store. 

Rental tuxedos typically cost anywhere from $120-$200 for one day. On the upside, they are usually made from very high quality, durable fabrics with heavy duty construction and components. But don’t be fooled, there is a good reason for this as rental tuxedos are usually worn up to 40 times and experience all of the antics the average grooms/bridesmen or party-goer will put a tux through. Especially when they know they will never see that thing again!

Think about it, aside from your favorite jeans or t-shirt, have you really ever worn anything in your closet 40 times? Or more realistically, had other people borrow it from you 40 times before you even get to wear it? That would be like wearing the same outfit more than twice a week for a year!  Even the most expensive, high quality suit will look worn after 40 dry cleanings.

To keep things simple, we’re going to focus on tuxedos. With all the opportunities you have to wear a suit, renting one is a total waste of money.

“Should I rent or buy a tuxedo?

To really answer this question, let’s break down the cost of owning versus renting a tuxedo for the next three years. In reality, you could wear the same tuxedo for more than five years if is a timeless design, but we all know our bodies change, so it’s best to be realistic about how long it may fit.

Depending on your lifestyle, you may need to be in a tux every weekend. If this is the case, you already own several tuxedos. On the opposite end of the spectrum there are those who never have and never will have the need to wear a tuxedo. You’re a blue jeans guy and should you find yourself going to a black-tie event, a black suit will work just fine.  Consequently, there’s very little chance you’re even reading this article.

Now for the other 90%, you’ve already needed a tuxedo on several occasions. Each time you convince yourself it’s probably the last time you’ll really need a tux, but now you’re realizing that as you get older the need to go black tie is going to happen at least once or twice a year and if you owned one, you could find a fun excuse to wear it a few more times.

Let’s say you’re going to need to wear a tuxedo six times over the next three years.

Average rental of tuxedo/suit, shirt and shoes is going to be $190 ($150 for the tux, $20 for the shirt, $20 for the shoes)

Tuxedo/Suit, shirt and shoes from The Groomsman Suit is $288 ($179 for the tux, $49 for the shirt, $60 for shoes)


Repeated costs to wear:

Rental: $190

Owning: $25 for dry cleaning after each wear = $150 for six wears


Total cost:

Rent: $190 x 6 = $1,140

Own: $288 + $150 = $438


Renting a tuxedo sound economical now?

 Let’s also not forget the added logistical nightmare of renting a suit or tuxedo:

  1. Finding the right size six times because, depending on the brand you’re renting, your size will vary with every rental.
  2. Some rentals hem your pants, others require you to do it.
  3. The pick-up and drop-off. Many places require you to return it by a certain time the following day. Mornings after a night in a tuxedo are meant for sleeping in and brunch, not setting an alarm to get it back to the store first thing in the morning. Mail back options require it to be back in the mail within a couple days, which can be challenging if you’re traveling after the big day.
  4. You break it you buy it. Should anything happen to your rental tux, you will end up owning it for at least $300. Could come in handy for a Halloween costume, but not much else.

In summary, not only can owning a tuxedo be more affordable, it is also way more convenient. It will always make sense to own a tux, shirt and shoes for a comparable price to a rental. At TGS, we believe every man should own a tuxedo, look sharp, and not spend a fortune. Buy our classic tuxedo here and don’t forget the accessories (shirt, shoes and bow tie) you’ll need to complete your black tie look.

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