How grooms can stand out with a different tie

How can I stand out with my tie? Suited for Style - Q & A


My wedding is this June and me and my groomsmen will be wearing the TGS Navy Blue suiting.  My groomsmen and I all would like to wear bow ties but I want to make sure that everyone knows that I am the groom.  Do you have any tips on what I can do? 


Thank you for writing in and congratulations on your upcoming wedding! It is great that you and your groomsmen would like to wear bow ties for the big day.  I would recommend that you choose a different bow tie than your groomsmen to help distinguish you as the groom.  If your groomsmen are wearing solid bow ties, you could select a bow tie with a wedding appropriate pattern or consider choosing a solid white or ivory bow tie to complement the bride’s gown.  Whichever color/pattern you choose, make sure to purchase a self-tie bow tie and check out our guide on How To Tie a Bow Tie.
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