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THE DEBATE: Should you rent or buy a tuxedo?


The holidays are quickly approaching and so is another year of you asking yourself, “Should I rent or should I buy?”

It used to be pretty easy question to answer. After asking yourself, “Do I have an extra $1,000 laying around to spend on a tuxedo?” you quickly picked up the phone to call your local rental store.

Rental tuxedos typically cost anywhere from $120-200 for one day. On the upside, they are usually made from very high quality, durable fabrics with heavy duty construction and components. But don’t be fooled, there is a good reason for this as rental tuxedos need to be able to withstand up to 40 dry cleanings and all of the antics the average grooms/bridesmen or party-goer will put a tux through. Especially, when they know they will never see that thing again!

Think about it, aside from your favorite jeans or t-shirt, have you really ever worn anything in your closet 40 times? Or, did you let other people borrow it from you 40 times before you wore it for the first time? That would be like wearing the same outfit more than twice a week for a year!  Even the most expensive, high quality suit will look worn after 40 dry cleanings. Still sound economical?

Simply put, it will always make sense to own a tux if it costs less than a rental. At TGS, we believe every man should own a tuxedo, look sharp, and not spend a fortune. Buy our classic tuxedo so you'll never have to rent again! Don’t forget the accessories you’ll need to complete your black tie look.

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