Lapel pins are a great alternative to a floral wedding boutonniere.

Wedding boutonniere alternative? Suited for Style - Q & A


I am not such a fan of floral boutonnieres for my wedding day look – it feels a bit prom-like, in my opinion.  Should I wear a floral boutonniere to stay in-line with tradition?


Floral boutonnieres are traditional for grooms, as you mention, but not obligatory.  The floral boutonnieres tend to look prom-like when the flowers are very large and kind of floppy on the lapel.  If you do decide on a floral boutonniere, ask your wedding floral designer to make it small.  If the boutonniere is really not your thing, consider a lapel pin.  Lapel pins come in many different styles including leather flowers and gold leaves.  Be sure to check out our collection of Fleur’d x The Groomsman Suit lapel pins.
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