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Wedding suits and tuxedos for the big day and beyond.

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Never rent a suit again.

We've got something for every body.

The Groomsman Suit is the first men’s suit and tuxedo brand to offer an affordable collection for all members of your wedding party. No matter what size, no matter what gender, no matter the style. We've got something for you, and it's yours to keep!

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Our Customers Love Us!

“We went with the Groomsman Suit for their pricing and quality! All of the suits looked really great on the big day and we couldn’t have been happier. I would highly recommend for all couples who are looking at suits and tuxedos!”

— Jacquie B. 6/22/19

“I have nothing to say but great things! Affordable, efficient and the customer service is top-notch. If I had any questions, Alyssa responded instantaneously. Great company and highly recommend as the value is amazing.”

— Steve S. 6/1/19

“At first a little skeptical about getting our suits online but with the groomsmen all over the country we decided to try it. TGS was SO EASY! The customer service was phenomenal. The suits were fair priced and the quality were great too! Definitely recommend.”

— Tanya 10/20/18

“The groom and groomsmen got their suits from The Groomsman Suit, and they turned out perfectly! The suits were a beautiful navy and fit the guys perfectly, all for a very reasonable price. I would recommend The Groomsmen Suit to anyone looking for a good suit for their big day!”

— Shelby 8/25/18
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