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Wedding Tuxedo Rental Cost & Fees

Written by Katy Eriks November 17, 2018

As a groom, your search for wedding suiting or tuxedo rentals may be directed by a lot of eye-catching marketing. Free suiting for the groom, free shipping, free returns, free alterations. It’s easy to think you’ve found a great option with all of the deals out there. But, what would you discover if you dug a little deeper? What exactly is in the fine print? We’ve researched some of the top tuxedo rental companies and were surprised to see what was hidden in their fees. Here are all the hidden charges you should be prepared to pay when renting a tuxedo for a wedding:

The Black Tux: Possibly the most popular wedding rental company out there, especially for millennials searching for wedding attire online because they do not have time to hop from store to store trying on different suits. At The Black Tux, you can rent a tuxedo or suit for an average of $160, plus a $5 non-refundable damage waiver, and receive your items 14 days before your event date. Rentals must be placed back in the mail three days after the event or are subject to “unreturned fees.” Wait, unreturned fees? It’s easy to miss that bit of info when they were offering free shipping for orders over $95. To make sense of it all, if you rented a jacket, pants, shirt, shoes, and tie for your event and fail to send these items back in time you’re looking at a grand total of $899, before tax. If you are heading to a destination wedding, traveling home may make this return window challenging.

Generation Tux: One of the most affordable options out there, you can rent a suit or tuxedo for the low price of $129, plus $5 non-refundable damage fee. Generation Tux, however, is not the option for you if you are in a hurry! If you order less than 16 days prior to your event date you will be charged a $50 rush shipping fee, cut that down to seven days before your event date and you will be charged a $100 rush fee. And, make sure your items are back in the mail within three days after your event or you will be charged $25 for each day your items are late.

JoS A. Bank: Joseph A. Bank is an option for guys who want an in-person shopping experience as they have over 500 locations nationwide. Your suit or tuxedo can be picked up at the location most convenient for you two days prior to your event and dropped off at any of their stores the next day. These tight time frames may be the most nerve-wracking aspect of using them for your big day. If the wedding you are in is on a Saturday and the rehearsal is on Friday you are probably already stressed on Thursday without having to think about going to pick up your suit or tuxedo. Let’s not forget that you have to make sure it all fits and while Jos A Bank does offer on site tailoring available for minor adjustments, it still takes up valuable time you don’t have as you prepare to go to the wedding. The day after the wedding, there’s a good chance you won’t be feeling up for a trip back into the store to return your tuxedo. For every day you don’t return it, you’ll be charged $20 late fee. Besides these late fees, you should also be prepared to cover some up-front costs. If you’re the groom ready to use JoS A. Bank to suit up your guys you’ll be required to put down a $40 group deposit, and each of your groomsmen will be charged a $20 deposit as well as a $12 non-refundable damage and handling fee.

Men’s Wearhouse: This is the biggest name in the business that comes to mind when you hear the word “groomsman.” Just like playing six degrees of Kevin Bacon, if you yourself haven’t used Men’s Wearhouse it’s almost guaranteed that your friend, brother, cousin, or acquaintance has. With an average cost of $199 you can easily order online or in store, as well as return online or in store. If you order online, your suiting will arrive seven days before your event, or in store you can pick it up two days before your event.  Returns can be made in store the day after your event or can be put in the mail the next business day. If you’re late, you will be charged $20 each day it is late. Just like JoS A. Bank there are some up front costs, but for some reason only if you purchase in store. Men’s Wearhouse costs are identical to JoS A. Bank at $40 for a group deposit and a $20 per person deposit which is not surprising as they are owed by the same parent company.

Indochino:  For the well-dressed groom who wants his party to be dressed to the nines, you’re probably looking into Indochino to get each of your guys into a custom suit. The price is higher than the other suiting companies mentioned with an average cost of $399, but unlike the rest, you’ll get to keep this wedding suit option. Make sure you are planning ahead for the big day because your guys will need to order a minimum of three months in advance. One nice perk Indochino offers is an alterations credit of up to $75 if your custom suit doesn’t arrive quite to your satisfaction, as you are unable to return it for a refund.

The Groomsman Suit: The best part about our company is that what you see is exactly what you get. The prices are clearly listed on the web site, shipping is free, and all items are for purchase. The only time you will be required to pay a shipping fee is if you are needing your items in a hurry, where two day and overnight shipping options are available. While the average cost of $194 only includes the jacket and pants, we’ve gone to great lengths to make all of the additional items you might need very affordable. After the wedding is over, you’ll have a sharp suit or tuxedo you can wear again and again.

After reviewing these options and the numbers, why would you consider renting a suit when you could own one? While not every guy in your wedding party is going to need a suit on a regular basis, there’s a good chance they will have another opportunity to wear it, for example as a guest at another wedding. And, the best part is, no one has to run to the store the day after the biggest day of your life.

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