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Wedding Fashion Disaster: Online Custom Suits


We are HUGE fans of a great fitting suit and love helping our guys understand the key elements of a perfect fit. We do NOT believe that the only way for a guy to look sharp in a suit is to have one custom made and/or pay for a brand name.

By offering a slim and modern cut in a range of ten sizes and three lengths, we have 60 sizes that are sure to provide a combination that is as close to a custom fit as possible. 

Even if money is no object, you shouldn’t have to spend a fortune to look great. Snapping together a "custom" suit online is risky. It is impossible for your groomsmen to follow suit (pun intended). With the numerous measurements required and hidden fees, it will be an expensive nightmare. Let The Groomsman Suit help get your guys suited up. Your wedding photos will thank you!

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